JPEG Files

Overall, there was quite a few JPEG formatted documents so I'm going to make a single page for it. The first JPEG format file I made was one on animals, where you had to trace the outline of three different animals in Adobe Illustrator and make a sihoute of it. That was also the third assignment in Computers. Also my fault in trying to outline the talons of the eagle.

The next JPEG file I did was a self portrait. I had to take a photo of myself and redraw it in Adobe Illustrator. Overall, it was a fun experience, playing around with Adobe Illustrator.

The next JPEG document I made was a grid art. I really didn't understand how the teacher wanted it done, so I let my imagination fly free and started with the impossible triangle. Then, like a good creative thinker, I created the art.

Then, my projects got a bit harder and I had to group up with a few other people and create a 3D-looking scene. Here's the final product:

The last not-really-a-project project was where we had to photoshop a few photos we took and fit it into a few golden frames.

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